DCA World ChampionshipsThe 2017 Southern Knights made history by making Finals in our very first trip to DCA World Championships, and by being the first DCA competitive Corps from the state of Alabama in DCA's 53 year history!!!

We performed in prelims on Saturday, September 2nd and performed well enough to advance to Finals competition on Sunday, finishing the preliminary competition in 4th place. Maintaining that 4th place slot in Finals , we finished off the historic season with a final score of 74.60!!!

Cincinnati Tradition became Class A Champions for the 2nd year in a row!

Govenaires, 4 time Class A Champions, were the runners up.

Erie Thunderbirds, with a 61 year history, finished in 3rd place.

With our history only beginning in 2015, The Southern Knights were honored to share the field with these historic corps!!


The Southern Knights 2018 season will begin on November 18th and 19th.

Come out and be involved at our first Open House Camp!! 

Camp location will be at  Pell City HS. 1300 Cogswell Ave. Pell City, Alabama

Saturday rehearsal will run 10am - 6pm.   Sunday will be 12 noon- 6pm.


Join Us in 2018, and let's make this Corps bigger and better!!!