2019 dca logoWhew... What a season! The 2019 Southern Knights made corps history, by making finals in our first year in Open Class, finishing in 9th place. We also obtained our highest score in our corps history with a 77.475! All summer long, this group worked hard and through immense adversity. We lost many family members along the way this past year. These were the names listed on the banner at the end of our ballad. We honor them by including them in our show this year... The fans at every show we performed at have been great! (The judges were ok too). :) The crowd let us know that they enjoyed our performance by applause at the show. But also by messages of support and encouragement after the show. This is why we do drum corps! We hope to entertain, and strive for excellence in our performance every year. This year, in season 5 of our short history, I think we connected with the audience the best! The standing ovations make it all worth practicing every weekend in 95-100 degree heat here down south!


The Knights arrived back home from Williamsport, Pa. in the wee hours of the morning, and didn't want to say goodbye... The love in the Knight family is strong!!! But eventually everyone left for home and some sleep!

We will begin the prep for the 2020 season in November with an "Experience Camp" weekend. Dates will be confirmed soon. Till then, sign up on our 2020 Southern Knights Interest Group on Facebook, or go to our website at www.southernknightscorps.org and fill out a "Join Us" form to receive info on our corps. We are looking to fill all sections! 64 Brass, 18 Battery, 30 Guard, 10 Front Ensemble... Even a couple more Drum Majors! Do you have what it takes to earn the Knights Shield? Come join us for 2020!!!