2018 logoThe Southern Knights have just completed our second season in DCA competition with a 5th place finish at the World Championships held in Williamsport, Pa. We achieved our highest score in our corps 3 year history with a 76.325! Our best captions in prelims were a 2nd in Music Effect, 3rd in Percussion, and 4th in Guard and Music Ensemble.

The competition was fierce in Class A this year, with 3 of the top 4 finalist corps having been Class A World Champions previously.
Carolina Gold won their 2nd Class A world Championship with a tight finals performance, coming into finals from prelims in 2nd place. They won their first title in 2012.

Govenaires finished 2nd in finals, coming out of prelims in 1st place. They have been World Champions 4 times previous... 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2015.

Third place went to the Skyliners, who previously won the World title in 1999 and 2002

Fourth place went to a corps from across the big pond... Cadence, from Guildford, United Kingdom! Congrats on making finals!!!

Placing 6th was last years Bronze medalist, Erie Thunderbirds.

Two new corps joined the Class A ranks this year. The Highland Regiment from Somerset County, New Jersey, and the Columbus Saints from Columbus, Ohio.  Congrats on your first trip to DCA World Championships!!!

Auditions for the 2019 Southern Knights will begin on November 17th and 18th. Stay tuned for more info coming soon! Fill out a "Join Us" form on the website:www.southernknightscorps.org

We would like to thank our sponsors and volunteers, for without YOU, we couldn't do what we do!!!

And congratulations to all the 2018 Southern Knights who raised the bar, and made history with our highest score ever! See y'all in 2019!!!